wow 12-12-17

Unipiper takes out an AT-AT with flaming bagpipes

This is kinda fun and relevant with the new Star Wars movie coming out, so that's why we posted it.

wtf 12-12-17

Going to a club in Novosibirsk is an adventure

What was meant to be a pleasant night out turned into a roid fueled punch up.

wow 12-12-17

When 88 piano keys control 500,000 Christmas lights

The Piano Guys rigged up half a million Christmas lights to a piano and played a song.

wtf 12-12-17

They’ll never forget this birthday bash

Just like the chick before, these people won't forget this birthday party. But for all the wrong reasons.

lol 12-12-17

She’ll never forget her 21st birthday party

She just turned 21, went and bought loads of booze, drank it all and won't remember a thing were it not for this video.

lol 12-12-17

Having a laugh with Handi-Man

We've come a long long way in this world, but sometimes it's time to go back to the golden age of laughter when anything went....

wow 11-12-17

Ready Player One official trailer

This looks like Bladerunner for the new generation.

lol 11-12-17

Two gay guys participate in Just Tattoo Of Us

Just Tattoo Of Us is a MTV show in which two people get to put a tattoo (idea) on the other person's body without that...