wtf 27-06-17

When you BBQ starts a forest fire

Want to see how easy it is to start a forest fire? Just check out this moron's BBQ attempt.

wow 27-06-17

The preparation of a rugby streaker caught on camera

If you're a ruggers fan you'll know the Lions are touring New Zealand. I personally don't give a shit, but it seems to be important....

wow 27-06-17

The rally of Sardinia through the eyes of a drone

Sardinia is a proud and beautiful island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. it's also host to one of the toughest rallies in the...

ouch 26-06-17

Old man with iPad gets taken out by angry bull

To be honest, if you decide to film ANY event using a fucking iPad you deserve everything you're going to get.

ftw 26-06-17

Coolest old dude in da neighborhood

Just look at this old dude rock up to a gas station. Huge rims and all. If this ain't da thug life nothing is.

lol 26-06-17

Four Chinese tourist try kayaking in Iceland

Basically they got lucky or bribed the right officials, cause they're traveling of the backs off millions of slave laborers who are making our smartphones,...

wtf 26-06-17

Girl falls out of ride at Six Flags New York

It is still unclear how a 14-year-old girl fell out of ride at the Six Flags New York park, but the park says it had...

wow 26-06-17

Girls just want to have some Monster fun

Man, being a Monster grid girl must be really, really hard work. How's your Monday going?