wow 23-08-17

Call of Duty: WWII Headquarters Reveal Trailer

I'll call it now. It's going to be epic. The HQ is the place you hone your skills and the footage looks insanely good.

wtf 22-08-17

Idiots in a speedboat almost kill a dude in a kayak

Just sitting there in your kayak. Trying to catch some fish. When two wankers in a speedboat almost kill you.

wow 22-08-17

Age of Empires IV Announce Trailer

Yes yes yes. My favorite time waster is back. Age of Empires is getting a new chapter and Microsoft wants you to know about it...

wow 22-08-17

Game of Thrones: The Frozen Lake

SPOILERS Game of Thrones and these behind the scenes and how they did it videos continue to amaze me. Just so cool.

wow 22-08-17

Water vs. gravity in a fighter jet

Pouring water into a cup while doing loops? Yeah, why the hell not.

wtf 22-08-17

Light left on means loads of insects

Never leave you lights on in the middle of the night when there are loads of insects about. This Russian did while he went fishing....

wtf 22-08-17

Cop films himself being shot on a pair of $30 camera glasses

It's the best $30 he has ever spent. Estill Police Officer Quincy Smith answered a call, but before he got to the location he turned on...

wow 21-08-17

Foo Fighters and Rick Astley play Never Gonna Give You Up

This video is worth it just to hear Rick Astley shout MOTHERFUCKERS. The rest is pretty cool too.