wow 28-03-17

Test driving the new Bugatti Chiron

Someone get me a ride in one of these beautiful beasts. The Chiron looks an absolute monster, but a 5 star one. You know, one with...

wow 28-03-17

Pixdump #793

A double treat today. Enjoy it.

wow 28-03-17

When you order the Kill ISIS package at the gun range

This guy seems to have ordered the Kill ISIS package at the Battlefield gun range in Las Vegas.

wtf 28-03-17

Escalator in Hong Kong said NO

This escalator in Hong Kong had had enough and just said NO. It stopped, reversed and injured 18 people riding it.

wtf 28-03-17

When you give zero fcks

This truck really gives zero fucks about other road users.

wtf 28-03-17

When a lion gets pissed and attacks it’s trainer

Go on son, kill the bastards who locked you up.

wow 28-03-17

Pixdump #792

Another fun filled gallery of insane pictures.

wtf 27-03-17

Female MMA fighter Cris Cyborg about weight cutting

Damn, this is straight up horrible. Some people take 3 years to cut 10 pounds and these fighters are cutting 26 pounds in a matter of days.