lol 25-07-17

Eating raw oyster for thew first time

These 100 people are eating raw oyster for the very first time. Some dudes find it disgusting, but I bet those same dudes wouldn't mind going...

lol 24-07-17

Can you go on date in a backless tuxedo and not get caught?

Most TV nowadays sucks. Sure, the series are great, but the game shows are all about winning ever bigger prizes. The only prize available in...

lol 21-07-17

Move over David Copperfield

Move over David Copperfield. There's a new magician in town who will blow you (away).

lol 21-07-17

Obama’s anger translator Luther visits Stephen Colbert

Obama may be gone from office, but Luther, his anger translator still has a few things to say.

lol 20-07-17

How To Be A Russian Oligarch

Stephen Colbert teams up with Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov to find out what it takes to be a Russian oligarch.

lol 18-07-17

Remi gaiilard has a message for tourists

France welcomes around 90m tourists a year. They spend an enormous amount of oney, but Remi Gailiard is having none of it and he had...

lol 18-07-17

Guitar player is the life of the party

He got the party started early with some drinks.

lol 18-07-17

When your chainsaw prank goes wrong

It's all fun and games with your chainsaw and fake blood until your colleague has other plans.