lol 26-06-17

Four Chinese tourist try kayaking in Iceland

Basically they got lucky or bribed the right officials, cause they're traveling of the backs off millions of slave laborers who are making our smartphones,...

lol 23-06-17

Conan gaming with Will Arnett is rather funny

Conan sucks at playing video games, but surely even a Nintendo Switch game like ARMS is do-able for him. To try it out he has...

lol 21-06-17

Forever Spinning Kid On Go Kart REMIX

Full screen and speakers on 100%. Hit it.

lol 20-06-17

That time Ninja from Die Antwoord played hoops with Kanye and Drake

I like Die Antwoord. Raw music, raw lyrics, crazy videos and South Africans are cool. Always. This is the story about when Ninja went to...

lol 16-06-17

Simba and some sexy lady

Isn't Simba a lucky chap? Being carried about by this sexy lady. He's got the perfect way to thank her too.

lol 14-06-17

Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts with Katy Perry

Katy has a new album dropping so she is looking for that extra PR. She already did Carpool Karaoke with James and now she is...

lol 13-06-17

Snoop Dogg commentates on Iguana vs. Snakes

Nature just got even more interesting with Snoop Dogg doing the commentary.

lol 12-06-17

Momma is in love with the Sling Shot

Fear of cumming again?