lol 13-10-17

Drunk Mexican Dance

This is the new dance that's catching on fire down in Mexico. You should try it for yourself, don't take my word for it.

lol 11-10-17

Reading Dr. Seuss Turns Into Rap

When the teacher is reading Dr. Seuss and you realize that Seuss was spitting straight flames!!!!

lol 10-10-17

Grandma Eats Rubber Chicken

I am sure she said "Delicious" but the cameraman probably saved the reaction for a second video.

lol wtf 10-10-17

Chicken Farmer Laughs Like A Chicken

Well, if they ever shut down the school for the gifted, Professor X can always strike it big as a coup reporter.

lol 10-10-17

Is This War Face Big Enough? (Classic “Remake”)

The only thing I'm going to say is that I'm kind of disappointed that it took some nerd so long to create this video.

lol 09-10-17

Bulldog Doing the Moonwalk Dance

A Smooth Criminal...heh heh ohhh!!!

ahhh lol 06-10-17

Fans at a Hockey Game Go Crazy Over a Little Kid

And boo everyone else, including the players of their favorite team! This is one of the sweetest videos you can see in our fucked up...

ftw lol 04-10-17

Marathon Runner Doesn’t Feel His “Third Leg” Flopping Around

Jozef Urban finished in 10th place at the Košice Peace Marathon in Slovakia, while his meat and potatoes finished 11th, 12th and 13th respectively....