lol 21-08-17

Drinks and a prank make for a good time

Love is....pranking your drinking buddy.

lol 18-08-17

A racist soap dispenser?

Black, white, yellow, purple, brown. It's all a bit sensitive at the moment and a racist soap dispenser isn't helping.

lol 17-08-17

Brilliant Ali G impersonator interviews newlyweds

The Sasha Baron Cohen creation Ali G is almost 20 years old and it's still funny and relevant. This impersonator shows that.

lol 04-08-17

Mahk really hates Chevy

Mahk is back to take the piss out off another Chevy commercial. He fucking really despises them.

lol 31-07-17

When the street cleaner ruins your act

Man, he almost had us fooled, but thankfully the street cleaner made sure we knew the truth behind this trick.

lol 28-07-17

Idiot tries to scam the cops

The most popular option when people buy a car in Russia is the dashcam. You simply need one to cover yourself against all the fucking...

lol 28-07-17

When taking a leak signals Mama Karma

All that rain makes him need a piss desperately. Getting a lit wet to relieve himself is worth it. Right?