ftw news 07-01-17

Car Of The Future Is Here!

According to the guy who first tested this monster the story goes like, "Sitting in the passenger seat of Faraday Future’s mythical FF91, I...

news 26-12-16

Pop Legend George Michael Is Dead

Sad, sad, sad, sad news! The man who's legally to blame for one of the most famous Christmas songs ever (Last Christmas by Wham) died...

news 25-12-16

“Star Wars” Icon Carrie Fisher Suffers Heart Attack

"Star Wars" actress Carrie Fisher is in critical condition in a Los Angeles hospital after suffering an apparent heart attack on an overseas flight from...

news 19-12-16

Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov shot in Turkey

This is the moment a gunman shot dead the Russian Ambassador, Andrey Karlov, to Turkey at an art exhibition. The gunman cowardly shot Karlov in...

news 17-12-16

President Obama Visits The Parthenon In Athens, Greece

On his last trip overseas, President Obama had the opportunity to visit the Acropolis in Greece, the birthplace of democracy and the democratic values. I...

news 11-12-16

Donald Trump Is Ready To Break Another Presidential “Tradition”

These hypocrites are concerned that Trump could be the first President in memory not to own a pet. What they don't get is that Trump...

news 10-12-16

Mika Brzezinski: Clinton Campaign Called NBC Trying To Get Me “Pulled Off the Air”

On Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski reveals that after she had warned that the Clinton campaign needed to stop arrogantly assuming that the race was over, ...

news wtf 03-12-16

Nico Rosberg Retires From Racing

World champion quits Formula 1 five days after title win. Why now, though? I just don't get it!