fail 08-12-17

Douchebag on a bike meets Karma

Roids, shirtless and an ego to match. This douchebag gets what he asked for. Video fame.

fail 23-11-17

When stealing a keg goes wrong

The Australian town of Roma doesn't have much going for it. The only night entertainment is the local night club. One night a guy was...

fail 21-11-17

Trying to look cool and end up looking like a fool

You see this so often nowadays. People with a GoPro doing silly shit just to get that monster shot. This guy tried to look cool...

fail 14-11-17

Dumbass tries to steal a security camera

This is a life lesson people. Some people really are too dumb to exist, yet we keep breeding and supporting them.

fail 06-11-17

They’re not going to like that

One tractor helping out another. But it all turns to shit in the end.

fail 27-10-17

When you fail at the subway

She must have been doing a 20 year stretch in prison, cause who the fuck still uses money in the subway?

fail 25-10-17

BMW M3 driver is an idiot

Saying a BMW M3 driver is an idiot is nothing new. A lot of them are. The can afford the (used) car, but don't have...

fail 18-10-17

When moving that couch goes wrong

Meet Dumb and Dumber.