wow 28-03-17

Test driving the new Bugatti Chiron

Someone get me a ride in one of these beautiful beasts. The Chiron looks an absolute monster, but a 5 star one. You know, one with...

wow 28-03-17

Pixdump #793

A double treat today. Enjoy it.

wow 28-03-17

When you order the Kill ISIS package at the gun range

This guy seems to have ordered the Kill ISIS package at the Battlefield gun range in Las Vegas.

wow 28-03-17

Pixdump #792

Another fun filled gallery of insane pictures.

wow 26-03-17

Incredible Speed By The Greatest Boxer In The World

The Ukrainian phenomem, Vasyl Lomachenko, is already the greatest amateur boxer of all time (x2 Olympic champion and a 396-1 record), the fastest world champion...

wow 26-03-17

JUSTICE LEAGUE - Official Trailer

Fun fact: Yep, it's possible to like both Marvel and DC comics after all!

wow wtf 25-03-17

Russian Daredevil’s Skyscraper Selfie

A number of young Russians are making names for themselves by posting videos of life-threatening stunts online. What drives these extreme selfie daredevils? Man, I...

wow 25-03-17

JUSTICE LEAGUE - Official “Aquaman” Teaser

Even though Jason Momoa looks NOTHING like the original, blonde comic Aquaman, something deep inside tells me that he will be an awesome "God of...