wow 20-02-17

Female students removing a rat from their dorm in a unique way

I bet they had a lot of practice with all the rat boyfriends that passed through their doors, so a real rat was not problem.

wow 19-02-17

Spinach-Artichoke Lasagna Roll-Ups In Less Than 50 Seconds

Too bad we have no category saying "Yummy" for this one.

wow wtf 19-02-17

Freezing A Heart And Smashing It To Pieces

A new approach to dissecting a heart, by freezing it solid in LN2, then chiseling it open to have a look inside. So, next time...

ftw wow 18-02-17

New Mass Effect: Andromeda Video Shows Off Combat, Weapons, Abilities, And More

BioWare explains that Andromeda offers "amazing freedom of movement," including a jetpack that you can use to get to high ground to gain the upper...

wow wtf 17-02-17

11 Most Devastating Tiny Creatures In History

Some of the smallest creatures can be the most destructive living beings on planet earth. A handful of these destructive small creatures are responsible for...

wow 17-02-17

How to solve all your printer problems

We've all had printer problems at one time or other. Paper jammed in tight, it's gone offline, new cartridges not found and so on. This...

wow 17-02-17

The best game show game ever

If you are feeling sad, this right here is sure to make you smile.

wow 17-02-17

Biker jumps out of the way of uncoming train

Riding your dirt bike is fun until you cross some train tracks, get stuck and hear a train coming. Someone was very lucky that day.