wow 20-10-17

12 Strong - trailer

After seeing this trailer you can just see Trump sitting on the toilet having a wank and shouting Make America Great Again. Talk about patriotic...

wow 20-10-17

Dad letting his blind son experience a football game

A dad will do anything for his kids. A smile on their face can make a shitty day alright in an instant. This dad took...

wow 19-10-17

Most amazing gym workout ever

I just got back from the gym and I'm hoping this new workout catches on quick.

wow 19-10-17

Air Berlin pilot does a fly-by

Air Berlin is a German airline and it has gone bankrupt. As a final goodbye this pilot for the company did a fly-by at Dusseldorf...

wow 18-10-17

The best cooking show on earth

The chicken looks dry, but who gives a fuck.

wow wtf 13-10-17

Risky Darts Shot

PLEASE, don't try this at home, kidos!

ftw wow 12-10-17

World’s Largest Passenger Plane Makes Scary Landing In High Winds

Have a fear of flying? You probably don't want to watch this video.

wow 12-10-17

Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Played on Two Calculators

This dude should go to America Got Talent or something!