ouch 26-06-17

Old man with iPad gets taken out by angry bull

To be honest, if you decide to film ANY event using a fucking iPad you deserve everything you're going to get.

ouch 19-06-17

Video of matador Ivan Fandino being impaled by an angry bull

There is always one loser in a bull fight. 99 times out of 100 the bull loses and get impaled by sticks and swords. That one time...

ouch 16-06-17

When the crocodile says no

When you're doing a show with animals you always need them to be willing to participate. This croc said Fuck That.

ouch 14-06-17

Giraffe attacked by a kudu in Dutch zoo

A giraffe is a big animal, but apparently it is no match for a kudu. A kudu can be anything between 400 and 500 pounds and it...

ouch 12-06-17

Graphic: Nasty broken ankle after some trampoline fun

Guy was trying to make a cool video and all he got was a nasty broken ankle.

ouch 08-06-17

Rap artist XXXTentacion gets knocked out by fellow rapper

During a show in San Diego rapper XXXTentacion got knocked the fuck out by a sucker punch thrown by local rapper Rob Stone. Who in...

ouch 07-06-17

Reef shark takes chunk out of diver’s leg

Just chilling, taking a few dives, catches some fish when all of a sudden a reef shark appears and bites you in the leg.

ouch 05-06-17

Two chicks and one man

Having side chick is great if the main chick and side dish don't ever find out or meet each other.This guy got caught out...