ftw 04-08-17

Guy in a hammock underneath a drone

We're living in 2017, this guy and his huge balls are already living in 2027.

ftw 18-07-17

Golden Retriever saves a drowning deer

Bambi just got saved by the dog from Homeward Bound.

ftw 11-07-17

When the gas station attendant just loves to dance

Now this is how I want to be served at a gas station. None of that dreary shit.

ftw 28-06-17

Guy cleans up using a homemade Airsoft sniper rifle

Paying soldiers is something I only do on a PC or PS4. Some people actually breath in some fresh air when making fresh kills and...

ftw 26-06-17

Coolest old dude in da neighborhood

Just look at this old dude rock up to a gas station. Huge rims and all. If this ain't da thug life nothing is.

ftw 21-06-17

Light Balance and their amazing light show during AGT

If you want to win a talent show you either got to have a feelgood story or you need to be innovative and blow away...

ftw 20-06-17

Former U.S. Special Forces soldier runs through hail of bullets to save a girl

Now, this is a true hero. Not some sports star with a half dozen cars or a rapper with booty in every town or a...

ftw 06-06-17

Slipping down a slide like a boss

No two ways about it. This man is a boss at the slip n slide.