wtf 27-07-17

Accident at Ohio State Fair results in one death and several injured

The Ohio State Fair is kind of a big deal. Loads of rides, fun and food for the whole family, but it has already been...

wtf 27-07-17

Pathetic holidaymakers claiming sun loungers

It's a yearly ritual. Sad, pathetic little touristers going to far away places on the cheap and acting like complete morons whilst there. This happens...

wtf 27-07-17

Die Antwoord - ZEF TV teaser

Die Antwoord don't just make music and crazy music videos. They also do cartoons, make art and are apparently starting up ZEF TV. This is...

wtf 26-07-17

Antoquan was popped 45 times by Atlantic City cops

Back in 2014 Antoquan T. Watson led police on a wild and dangerous chase through the streets of Atlantic City. After his vehicle came to a...

wtf 26-07-17

Cinnamon prank in Denmark goes horribly wrong

It tuns out sprinkling a guy who turns 25 and is still single with loads of cinnamon is tradition in Denmark. Not sure the ending is.

wtf 25-07-17

Truck driver took a wrong turn and met a train

Those pesky navigation systems are great in 99% of your trip, but that measly 1% can really fuck up your day. This truck driver was led down...

wtf 24-07-17

Streetfood with a case of STD

Streetfood can be great and it can be iffy as fuck. Certain countries are not on my "safe" list and I rapidly need to work...

wtf 24-07-17

When doing Salvia on your porch turns into a nightmare

Damn, this is such a good anti-drugs commercial.