wtf 19-01-17

Dog is forced into turbulent waters for a movie

This is a fucking disgrace. The movie A Dog's Purpose forced dog's into dangerous waters for a realistic shot and it's a FUCKING DISGRACE. Don't...

wtf 19-01-17

Brazilian police have to remove a dude from a corner shop

This guy was so attached to the local corner store that he didn't want to leave. Even after police asked him politely. So they went...

ftw wtf 19-01-17

4 Macbooks after failed first attempt

He failed and came back with a vengeance and a buddy. Going FTW!

wtf 17-01-17

Man’s face almost blown off by exploding e-cigarette

Smoking e-cigarettes or vaping are all the rage these days. Screw sucking on a Camel, kids these days want to suck on strawberry flavored plastic...

wtf 17-01-17

Run for your lives: Roof collapses due to heavy snow

A newly built sports arena is in need of a new roof after it collapsed due to heavy snow. The people inside were lucky to...

wtf 16-01-17

Tiger is tied up for pictures with tourists

In a circus in Yiyang China, visitors can take photos with a tiger tied up, they can even mount the animal. This is beyond ridiculous...

wtf 16-01-17

When a Skoda Rapid meets some long bamboo sticks

Road safety is not really a priority in a lot of Asian countries. Secured loads are hardly ever checked if they really are secured and...

wtf 13-01-17

This haircut is on fire

It is good to see that the haircutting business sis not standing still and always innovating. His technique is on fire