wtf 20-02-17

Tough dude hangs himself over the edge of a cruise ship

Anything for the likes and shares right. That's this generation of idiots. Look at this moron hanging himself over the side of a cruise ship.

wtf 20-02-17

How NOT to check a balcony safety net

Man, this guy is nuts. Even if you don't have a fear of heights (or death) this is just one stupid ass way to test...

wtf 20-02-17

Guy is so high he rides his bike on the highway

At first we thought this guys was high as fuck and just took the fastest way home after a party, but it turns out if...

wtf 20-02-17

Taking that haircut to the next level of stupid

In Colombia you never ever tell your hairdresser to just do whatever he wants.

fail wtf 19-02-17

Runner Blatantly Robbed of Victory by Rogue Pole Vault Bar

I have never ever seen something like that in my entire life watching sports. I would imagine something like that could have happened in an...

wow wtf 19-02-17

Freezing A Heart And Smashing It To Pieces

A new approach to dissecting a heart, by freezing it solid in LN2, then chiseling it open to have a look inside. So, next time...

wow wtf 17-02-17

11 Most Devastating Tiny Creatures In History

Some of the smallest creatures can be the most destructive living beings on planet earth. A handful of these destructive small creatures are responsible for...

wtf 17-02-17

Acesha Bright’s caught her man cheating with another man

Acesha Bright wanted to buy some tampons, but her card was declined. She found out her man was spending man on hotels, so she found...