wtf 26-05-17

When a bear meets a man with a bow and arrow

Standing still obviously doesn't work all that well.

wtf 25-05-17

Hooked on the Look aka Huge Boobs

Allegra Cole used to be Mormon. Now she's a glamour model with a 54-inch breasts. Just insane.

wtf 24-05-17

Hell No: Detachable Cut-Out Jeans

Which crazy idiot comes up with crap like this? Opening Ceremony apparently. These also cost $425 ffs.

wtf 23-05-17

Man falls asleep on car, driver doesn’t notice

Screw dealing with the drunk dude who fell asleep on the back of a car. Lets deal with the driver who says he didn't notice...

wtf 23-05-17

Fire fighter has a lucky escape

Underneath all that burning Burger King lies a fire fighter and his buddies are trying to help him out.

wtf 22-05-17

Getting rid of all those black heads in one squeeze

Why squeeze them all individually when you can squeeze them all at ones?

wtf 22-05-17

Dirty bike thief tries to steal a race bike form a moving car

Picture the scene. London, not raining, driving along with your expensive race bike strapped to the back of your car, a twat in a hoodie...

wtf 22-05-17

Oil causes huge Moto3 crash in Le Mans

Oil on a race track and motorbikes on that same track don't go together well. As was seen during the Moto3 race at the Le...