wtf 22-08-17

Idiots in a speedboat almost kill a dude in a kayak

Just sitting there in your kayak. Trying to catch some fish. When two wankers in a speedboat almost kill you.

wtf 22-08-17

Light left on means loads of insects

Never leave you lights on in the middle of the night when there are loads of insects about. This Russian did while he went fishing....

wtf 22-08-17

Cop films himself being shot on a pair of $30 camera glasses

It's the best $30 he has ever spent. Estill Police Officer Quincy Smith answered a call, but before he got to the location he turned on...

wtf 18-08-17

Video of terror suspect in Cambrils being shot by Spanish police

By now you'll know some terror pricks killed at least 14 people and injured around 130 in Spain. Late last night one of the suspects was shot ...

wtf 18-08-17

Cramp or an alien?

If you've ever had cramp in one of your muscles you'll know it can hurt like a bitch. Like someone going to bat on your...

wtf 17-08-17

Passed out guy robbed and given a free blowjob

This is the must fucked up video you'll see this week. A drunk Chinese guy fell asleep on a park bench. He was then robbed...

wtf 15-08-17

When the wedding procession gets out of hand

Begin big ballers is a thing in Eastern Europe. Big fancy cars, shiny clothes and plenty of chains. Throw in some fucked up attitudes and...

wtf 15-08-17

Bus driver and partygoers get into a fight on Ibiza

So, there's this really cool bus service on Ibiza which brings partygoers from one party to the next. And it's free. This bus drivers was...