ahhh wow 19-05-17

11 Movie Mobsters We Idolize While We Shouldn’t

There’s no doubt that gangsters and mobsters are some of the most dangerous and cruel people out there and it’s a safe bet...

ahhh lol 13-05-17

If Cats Said “Mom” Instead of “Meow”

Happy Mother's Day to all the AWESOME cat moms out there!

ahhh 10-05-17

Man turns his girlfriend’s dog into a Nazi-dog

This shouldn't be funny, but it is.

ahhh lol 29-04-17

John Boyega Was Dumped Because of Star Wars

She probably thought he was a traitor!

ahhh lol 22-04-17

Kids Describe God to an Illustrator

There's nothing more refreshing than a kid's innocence. I wish we could all stay kids in the heart and mind. This world would be such...

ahhh 10-04-17

Rhino release in Nepal not without it’s troubles

When the rhino doesn't want to piss off into the woods you just throw some sticks at it and hound it out with elephants.

ahhh 29-03-17

Shark asks a diver for some much needed help

A shark kept swimming up to and dumping into a diver. It wasn't until the diver spotted a rusty fishing hook embedded into it's stomach...

ahhh lol 26-03-17

Brawl At Taco Bell Between Chicks

Ahhhh, another glorious "interracial" moment of peace and harmony. America, once again, shows the world how great diversity and multiculturalism is!