wtf 20-10-17

A quick spray before that date

It's Friday, straight after work and there will be some fucking tonight. Time for the spray to work it's magic.

wtf 20-10-17

Mother is a bad sport

I see this all the time. Maybe not this aggressively, but too many parents get too involved during a sports game of their kids.

wtf 20-10-17

Inside America’s Largest Right Wing Militia

Talking of Making America Great Again. These guys are fucking nuts. And scary.

wow 20-10-17

12 Strong - trailer

After seeing this trailer you can just see Trump sitting on the toilet having a wank and shouting Make America Great Again. Talk about patriotic...

wow 20-10-17

Dad letting his blind son experience a football game

A dad will do anything for his kids. A smile on their face can make a shitty day alright in an instant. This dad took...

wow 19-10-17

Most amazing gym workout ever

I just got back from the gym and I'm hoping this new workout catches on quick.

wow 19-10-17

Air Berlin pilot does a fly-by

Air Berlin is a German airline and it has gone bankrupt. As a final goodbye this pilot for the company did a fly-by at Dusseldorf...

wtf 18-10-17

Man finds himself surrounded by wildfires in Portugal

This past weekend and earlier this week Portugal has had to deal with hundreds of wildfires. This guy was driving on the motorway and filmed...