wtf 19-01-17

Dog is forced into turbulent waters for a movie

This is a fucking disgrace. The movie A Dog's Purpose forced dog's into dangerous waters for a realistic shot and it's a FUCKING DISGRACE. Don't...

wow 19-01-17

Inside a London wreslting fetish gym

I guess it is whatever takes your fancy, but to see men go to the Submission Room to keep fit is telling porky pies. aka...

wow 19-01-17

Logan Trailer 2

I'm not that big of a fan of the X-Men movies, but the Logan spin-off looks well dark and mean.

ouch 19-01-17

Learning to fly with an airbag

Someone call the doctor. I think he's broken a couple of bones in his ass.

fail 19-01-17

Whe you get caught playing internet radio DJ mixes

There have never been moere (crap) DJs then now. Everyone can be one or so they think. DJ's G. Park & Charles are pumping the crowd...

wtf 19-01-17

Brazilian police have to remove a dude from a corner shop

This guy was so attached to the local corner store that he didn't want to leave. Even after police asked him politely. So they went...

ftw wtf 19-01-17

4 Macbooks after failed first attempt

He failed and came back with a vengeance and a buddy. Going FTW!

wow 18-01-17

The Evolution of the World’s Most Luxurious SUV

A Range Rover is a statement, it's a brand, it's a way of life. It's also interesting to see how it developed, evolved and progressed...