wtf 27-07-17

Accident at Ohio State Fair results in one death and several injured

The Ohio State Fair is kind of a big deal. Loads of rides, fun and food for the whole family, but it has already been...

wow 27-07-17

IT- first official trailer

The first official trailer for the IT reboot has just been released and it looks horrific, as in good as fuck.

wtf 27-07-17

Pathetic holidaymakers claiming sun loungers

It's a yearly ritual. Sad, pathetic little touristers going to far away places on the cheap and acting like complete morons whilst there. This happens...

ouch 27-07-17

When you piss about on a water slide

Rule number one a water slide: Don't piss about and get stuck. These two chicks did and the consequences were horrible.

wow 27-07-17

Giant Hammerhead Sharks Hunting Blacktip Sharks

This is what drones are made for/ Filming beautiful, unique footage which gives us in insight in to a natural phenomenon. This guy managed to...

wtf 27-07-17

Die Antwoord - ZEF TV teaser

Die Antwoord don't just make music and crazy music videos. They also do cartoons, make art and are apparently starting up ZEF TV. This is...

wow 27-07-17

Inside Game of Thrones: Battling the Silence

If you've already seen last Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones then you'll have been impressed by the last act. This is how they made...

wtf 26-07-17

Antoquan was popped 45 times by Atlantic City cops

Back in 2014 Antoquan T. Watson led police on a wild and dangerous chase through the streets of Atlantic City. After his vehicle came to a...